From Furlough To International Success... Our Story

WaxyWix came about during the first covid lockdown in 2020. I (Juliet) – how do you do) had been put on furlough from a marketing job and as the furlough went on it became apparent; I may have to look for another job.

So, after looking for things to occupy my time, I was encouraged by my other half to ‘have a go’ at making some tealight candles to go with some wooden holders that he’d made. This sounded like a bit of a faff, but as I’d always loved candles, I decided to have a crack at those.

Fast forward to now and what started with a £50 candle kit and a whole lot of blood, sweat, tears and wax, our business has grown beyond anything we could have anticipated! Together with my partner, Chris we do everything from conception and design to production and are incredibly proud of our waxy baby.

We now supply our handmade soy wax candles to shops around the UK and all over the world and have recently opened our first shop in the West Midlands, with plans to open at a second location within 2 years.

We’re chuffed you’ve chosen to visit our website.

Stay waxy,

Juliet & Chris

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